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    A Better Benchmark


    Making the digital asset industry understandable to everyone and expanding the community through simple communication and standard concepts. Driving the shift from market capitalization to true asset performance.


    Providing a full family of indexes for digital assets by bringing the best tools of the financial industry to upgrade cryptocurrency investment monitoring to the professional level.


    We calculate accurate indexes with reliable historical data through a straightforward and transparent methodology, while accommodating different investment philosophies with market cap and equal weighted indexes.

    Independent from Tracking Products

    Following the model in the financial industry and preventing the conflict of interest between index creators and asset managers

    Run on donations

    Launched by two enthusiasts trying to develop the market

    Bletchley Park

    The Bletchley Indexes are named after Bletchley Park, which was the hub for British codebreakers during World War Two. It was at Bletchley Park that the enigma of German codes was transformed into everyday language, taking something extremely complex and making it into something simple. Bletchley Indexes intends to carry on that codebreaking spirit by transforming the world of digital assets into simple, understandable tools.


    Bletchley - A Better Benchmark